Research Design in Counseling (3rd edition)

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Research Design in Counseling (3rd edition)

Research Design in Counseling (3rd edition) By P. Paul Heppner, Bruce E. Wampold, Dennis M. Kivlighan, Jr.
2005 | 688 Pages | ISBN: 053452348X | PDF | 4 MB

Quell any fears you may have about science and research design with this clear introduction to the basics! With enlightening examples and illustrations drawn from the counseling literature, RESEARCH DESIGN IN COUNSELING fully addresses the most common issues that counseling researchers encounter. The authors' accessible approach provides you with an understanding of the various types of research, including both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Filled with helpful examples that draw from a broad variety of research designs, this book provides the fundamentals of conducting research while providing clear instruction on writing and publishing the research report.