Unto the Beast

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Unto the Beast

Unto the Beast by Richard Monaco
English | 1 Apr 1987 | ISBN: 0553261444 | 478 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF | 6.5 MB

The world has been at war for six years, and not for the first time in this century a watchful eye is focused on the movements of the Germany army.

But unseen, another battle is being waged.

An eternal battle, a terrifying force, far larger than the men involved.

We travel back in time, to an era when future terror is only the twisted dream of a young man.

But when strange rites are freshly performed, a secret gateway slowly opens…

The world may not be ready now or in the future for the power and horror that lies beyond.

But they do not know – this force has been here for generations…

Travelling further in time, we find a medieval world beset by a terrible power. Where a beast awakens from its ancient slumber and steps through the gates to create hell on earth.

And in 1945 in Nazi Germany, a man named Adolf Hitler evokes this hell once more…

Unto the Beast is a chilling, powerful saga of speculative fiction and time travel following the savage rule of a man called Hitler — and how his unnatural obsessions sprang not only from a vicious heart, but from a dark and supernatural past.