Handbook of International Trade

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Eun Kwan Choi, James Harrigan (Editors) , «Handbook of International Trade (Blackwell Handbooks in Economics)»
Blackwell Publishing | ISBN 0631211616 | (June 1, 2003) | PDF | 1,5 Mb | 576 pages

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Book Description
This handbook is a detailed exploration of the theories, policies, and issues stemming from the field of International Trade. Written by specialists in the field, the chapters focus on four important areas: factor proportions theory, trade policy, investment, and new trade theory. The extensive analysis covers such topics as the Heckscher-Ohlin Trade Model and the Stolper-Samuelson Price Link, as well as wages, antidumping, and political economics.The book includes a comprehensive introduction by the editors, which summarizes recent advances in the field and places the research in a broader context. These complex and well-conceived articles, supplemented with an extensive bibliography, make the Handbook of International Trade an indispensable resource.

About the Authors
E. Kwan Choi is Professor of Economics at Iowa State University and the Editor of Review of International Economics. He is also Associate Editor of Japanese Economic Review, Managing Editor of Review of Development Economics, and co-author of the Handbook of International Trade,Volume I (Blackwell Publishing, 2003).

James C. Hartigan is Professor of Economics at the University of Oklahoma, and is a member of the Council of Editors of the Review of International Economics and the Pacific Economic Review. He was a founding member of the International Economics and Finance Society, and has published in such journals as the Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of International Economics, Economica, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and International Journal of Industrial Organization. –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.