Advanced VBScript for Microsoft Windows Administrators

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Book Description
Get the in-depth guidance you need to take your Windows scripting skills to the next level. Enterprise-level Windows administrators who have experience with Windows scripting will learn advanced VBScript techniques, including Active Directory® Service Interfaces (ADSI) and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) scripting, security scripting, building hypertext applications for script graphical interfaces, remote scripting, database scripting, and scripting for Group Policy. You will continue to build your skills by creating scripts to work with Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server™, Microsoft Operations Manager, and Microsoft Virtual Server. Coverage also includes the latest scripting updates for Windows XP and Windows Server™ 2003. Each chapter highlights powerful, ready-to-run, enterprise-level scripts, and the companion CD-ROM includes sample scripts and utilities to help you put your advanced scripting skills to work right away.

From the Publisher
Key Book Benefits: - Covers the advanced ADSI and WMI scripting topics that other books leave out, including enterprise scripting techniques, security, scripting Group Policy, and building hypertext applications for script graphical interfaces - Builds scripting skills beyond Windows operating systems by teaching scripting techniques and best practices for Exchange Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Operations Manager, and Virtual Server - Features powerful, ready-to-run, enterprise-level scripts in each chapter - Includes a companion CD-ROM with sample scripts and utilities

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