Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Designing and Architecting Solutions

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Designing and Architecting Solutions

Shannon Bray, "Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Designing and Architecting Solutions"
English | 2013 | ISBN: 0735671680 | PDF | pages: 489 | 26.9 mb

Get the information you need to make good SharePoint design decisions
Determine the best design for your SharePoint implementation by gaining a deeper understanding of how the platform works. Written by a team of SharePoint experts, this practical guide introduces the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 architecture, and walks you through design considerations for planning and building a custom SharePoint solution. It’s ideal for IT professionals, whether or not you have experience with previous versions of SharePoint.
Discover how to:

- Dive deeper into SharePoint 2013 architecture components
- Gather requirements for a solution that fits your needs
- Upgrade from Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to 2013
- Design service applications for performance and redundancy
- Provide the right storage plan for a SharePoint farm
- Map authentication and authorization requirements to your solution
- Take steps necessary to design a secure implementation
- Plan your business continuity management strategy
- Validate your SharePoint architecture to ensure success