Lighting by Design (repost)

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Lighting by Design (repost)

Christopher Cuttle, "Lighting by Design"
2009 | ISBN: 075065130X | 224 pages | PDF | 3 MB

Lighting by Design is a practical guide structured around a new theoretical approach to the design of lighting for architectural spaces. Christopher Cuttle outlines his unique three-level approach to lighting design in this indispensable text for students and professionals. Through Observation, Visualisation and Realization, the book explains how to envision, develop and produce your own lighting ideas. Architects, interior designers and specialist lighting designers will benefit from a holistic approach to the lighting process, combining technical information with a distinctive design theory.

Cuttle begins with the development of observational skills, leading to the ability to visualise architectural spaces in light. The final stage of realising the lighting concept involves application of calculational procedures to develop a technical lighting specification. The text includes practical advice on meeting design specifications and contractual obligations. There is also a glossary of technical terms and symbols, and a guide to the calculations that the author uses for quantifying lighting concepts.

* Benefit from Cuttle's extensive knowledge and experience
* The only lighting textbook which teaches design skills
* A technical guide that provides a fascinating explanation of lighting theory