Bannockburn 1314 (Battle Story)

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Bannockburn 1314 (Battle Story)

Dr. Chris Brown, "Bannockburn 1314 (Battle Story)"
ISBN: 0752497596 | 2014 | EPUB | 160 pages | 2 MB

One of the greatest battles to have taken place on Scottish soil

Bannockburn 1314 is the most celebrated battle between Scotland and England, in which a mere 7,000 followers of Robert the Bruce defeated more than 15,000 of Edward II's troops. The Battle of Bannockburn, fought over two days on June 23 and 24, 1314, by a small river crossing just south of Stirling, was a decisive victory for Robert, and secured for Scotland de facto independence from England. It was the greatest defeat the English would suffer throughout the Middle Ages, and a huge personal humiliation for Edward. This account recreates the campaign from the perspectives of both the Scots and English.