Understanding Contemporary Society

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Understanding Contemporary Society

Understanding Contemporary Society: Theories of the Present by Professor Gary Browning, Dr Abigail Halcli, Professor Frank Webster
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd | Number Of Pages: 520 | Publication Date: 2000-02-11 | ISBN-10: 0761959262 | PDF | 2 Mb

Understanding Contemporary Society: Theories of the Present is a comprehensive textbook to guide students through the complexities of social theory today. Over 30 chapters, written by an international team of contributors, demonstrate clearly the practical applications of social theory in helping students to make sense of the modern world. Students are introduced to the most significant theories and guided through the major social developments which have shaped our lives.

Key features of the book are:
· Clearly structured and readable prose
· Bullet-pointed summaries and annotated further reading for each topic
· It makes complex issues accessible to undergraduates
· It focuses on relevance and practicality
· Chapter lay-out which is ideal for teaching and seminar readings

This book will be essential in helping students to understand society today.