Spectrum Language Arts, Grade 2 (repost)

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Spectrum Language Arts, Grade 2 (repost)

Spectrum Language Arts, Grade 2
English | ISBN: 0769643027 | December 25, 2006 | PDF | 176 pages | 4,5 Mb

Our proven Spectrum Language Arts grade 2 workbook features 176 pages of fundamentals in grammar and sentence structure. Recently updated to current national standards, including tips for clearer writing, proofreading activities, and combining sentences. This workbook for children ages 7 to 8 includes exercises that reinforce mechanics and punctuation to assist in developing proficiency.

Language Arts skills include:
•Common and proper nouns
•Plurals with –s and –es
•Past tense verbs
•Action and linking verbs

Our best-selling Spectrum Language Arts series features age-appropriate workbooks for Kindergarten to grade 6. Developed with the latest standards-based teaching methods that provide targeted practice in language arts fundamentals to ensure successful learning!