Tuttle Compact Vietnamese Dictionary

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Tuttle Compact Vietnamese Dictionary

Phan Văn Giưỡng, "Tuttle Compact Vietnamese Dictionary: Vietnamese-English English-Vietnamese"
ISBN: 0804845344 | 2016 | EPUB/PDF | 640 pages | 6 MB/6 MB

This is a compact and user–friendly Vietnamese dictionary.
The Tuttle Compact Vietnamese Dictionary is the most up–to–date and complete Vietnamese dictionary yet published. An essential tool to learn Vietnamese, it is written for English speakers and other non–native users who need to look up Vietnamese terms, and can also be used by Vietnamese speakers who are learning English. This dictionary has 25,000 entries covering all contemporary terms likely to be used in educational or business settings. The layout is user–friendly and attractive. Headwords are displayed in blue—this helps the reader to locate words quickly. Information on parts of speech, idiomatic expressions and sample sentences showing the us of the words in context are given for each entry. English pronunciations are given in the English to Vietnamese language section. A comprehensive pronunciation guide and detailed notes on Japanese grammar are also included.

Completely comprehensive and up–to–date with over 25,000 entries.
Contains English–Vietnamese and Vietnamese–English
Clear, user—friendly layout with idioms, and sample sentences given.
The ideal dictionary for students, teachers and business people.