Paradise on Ice: 50 Fabulous Tropical Cocktails

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Paradise on Ice: 50 Fabulous Tropical Cocktails

Mittie Hellmich, "Paradise on Ice: 50 Fabulous Tropical Cocktails"
ISBN: 081183302X | 2002 | EPUB/MOBI | 112 pages | 9 MB/9 MB

Capturing the spirit of the tropics, Paradise on Ice takes a refreshing dip into the wonderful world of tropical drinks. Choose from 50 bliss-inducing blends of exotic fruits, juices, and liquors, each designed to feel like a vacation in a glass. From margaritas and tropitinis to spirit-free smoothies and refreshing coolers, each creatively mixed concoction is the perfect pleaser for summer patio get-togethers, Caribbean theme parties, poolside lounging, candlelight dinners, or any occasion that simply cries out for an equatorial, coconut-scented escape from reality. Colorful photographs accompany the text, setting just the right mood to encourage readers to put on a Tito Puente CD and swizzle their hips as well as their cocktails.