The E-Privacy Imperative - Reup.

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The E-Privacy Imperative - Reup.

The E-Privacy Imperative : Protect Your Customers' Internet Privacy and Ensure Your Company's Survival in the Electronic Age
Amer Management Assn | 2001 | 267 pages | ISBN-10: 0814406289 | PDF | 1.02 MB

With their potential for vicious customer backlash and devastating sales drops, Internet privacy infractions–such as selling e-mail lists and personal data or operating an insecure site where credit-card or competitive-pricing information can be stolen–have become deadly serious business concerns.
The E-Privacy Imperative is especially designed to help Web site owners and operators protect themselves, their customers, and their businesses through careful technology practices and responsible information handling. Readers will:

* Understand the key arguments of privacy advocates, including major threats to privacy and federal regulations concerning privacy
* Learn to avoid both purposeful and accidental or negligent invasions of privacy
* Communicate security and privacy policies to customers and potential customers–to assuage their fears and keep them coming back for more.