Pollution: Treating Environmental Toxins (Green Technology) (repost)

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Pollution: Treating Environmental Toxins (Green Technology) (repost)

Pollution: Treating Environmental Toxins (Green Technology) by Anne E. Maczulak
2009-10-30 | ISBN: 0816072027 | 232 pages | PDF | 15 MB

One of the most troubling aspects of pollution in this age is its pervasiveness - there are few places left where a person or an animal can live without being exposed to pollution. Toxic substances travel great distances through the air, and many of these substances eventually fall from the atmosphere onto growing crops and open waters. Meat and milk-producing animals ingest pollutants, produce growers spray large amounts of toxic pesticides onto food intended for people's dinner tables, and both animals and humans ingest small amounts of unhealthy compounds in water. Scientists now detect an array of toxic compounds - or compounds that harm the body - in the blood and tissue of almost every person from whom they collect a sample.

"Pollution" provides up-to-date research in the field of environmental medicine. Focusing on specific toxin categories as well as the health effects of various types of pollution, this new, full-color guide will come in handy for middle and high school students concerned with issues that affect our environment. Chapters include: The Emergence of Environmental Medicine; Epidemiology of Environmental Diseases; Environmental Toxins; Hazards in the Air; Food and Water Hazards; Populations at Risk; and, Veterinary Environmental Medicine.