An Engineering Introduction to Biotechnology

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An Engineering Introduction to Biotechnology

J. Patrick Fitch, "An Engineering Introduction to Biotechnology"
2002 | pages: 143 | ISBN: 0819444979 | PDF | 11,1 mb

This tutorial will help technical professionals in optics determine whether their technologies have potential application in the life sciences. It also is useful as a ''prep class'' for more detailed books on biology and biotechnology, filling the gap between fundamental and high-level approaches.
- Preface
- Basic Biology
- Nucleic Acids as the Blueprint
- Manipulating Nucleic Acids and Proteins
- An Integrated Approach for Biological Discovery
- DNA Sequencing
- Detecting Nucleic Acids
- Protein Structure
- Appendix A: Units and Measures
- Appendix B: Nonscientific Issues
- Recommended Reading
- Index

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