Esperanto, 3rd Edition (Teach Yourself) (repost)

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Esperanto, 3rd Edition (Teach Yourself) (repost)

John Cresswell, John Hartley "Esperanto, 3rd Edition (Teach Yourself)"
English | 1992-08 | ISBN: 0844237639 | 259 pages | PDF | 48 MB

This is a very thorough Esperanto book; however, I have found a few minor typos like the "hat" being left off a letter where it definitely should be, and Esperanto titles of Mr., Mrs., and Miss (Sr-o, S-ino, and F-ino) are sometimes capitalized and sometimes not (and I don't mean just at the beginning of a sentence), but these should not present the student with any problems as they are very minor typos, and even the student can readily see that.

The author apparently does not like dogs because I came across at least two sentences like "The man beat the dog with a stick" and "The boy was beating the dog." I was actually a bit shocked by these sentences in a language book because the sentence examples should be about positive or neutral subjects, not something depressing like this. Otherwise, there are lots of activities and examples and one can learn Esperanto thoroughly from this book. There is a lot of interesting reading material, which I found quite interesting and educational.

I recommend this book for its thorough coverage of Esperanto and many examples, exercises, and reading material. However, as the book is currently out of print, used copies can be quite expensive.

File with 4 pdfs. 1st file is the lessons, 2nd is the appendix, 3rd is the key, and 4th is the vocabulary.