Strained Silicon Heterostructures: Materials and Devices

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Strained Silicon Heterostructures: Materials and Devices

C.K. Maiti, N.B. Chakrabarti, S.K. Ray, "Strained Silicon Heterostructures: Materials and Devices"
2001 | pages: 510 | ISBN: 0852967780 | PDF | 28,2 mb

In recent years, the development of powerful epitaxial growth techniques such as molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), ultra-high vacuum chemical vapour deposition (UHVCVD) and other low temperature epitaxy techniques have given rise to a new area of research of bandgap engineering in silicon based materials. This development has paved the way for heterojunction bipolar and field effect transistors, as well as for novel quantum devices. This title provides a comprehensive introduction to silicon heterostructures, including growth and characterization of materials and descriptions of new heterostructure devices, making it a useful reference for postgraduate students, researchers and scientists.
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