The Art of John Bolton (Repost)

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The Art of John Bolton (Repost)

John Bolton, "The Art of John Bolton"
2001 | pages: 95 | ISBN: 0865620474 | PDF | 38,7 mb

Pretty nightmares and disturbing daydreams. This is John Bolton's corner of the fantasy and horror neighborhood, and tourists are strongly advised to keep a tight grip on their sanity. Bolton's worlds of the bizarre have attracted legions of fans who delight in his dark macabre style and gothic sensibilities. A long-time comic art favorite, John's work has spanned several decades, many graphic novels, and a gallery's worth of decadently disturbing paintings. His collaborative teamings with such talents as Chris Claremont, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Sam Raimi, Anne Rice, Christopher Fowler to name but a few has only burnished his reputation as a true master of fantasy illustration. It's time to celebrate those achievements with a full color extravaganza.
The Art of John Bolton is an oversized edition that contains over 100 magnificently reproduced paintings and illustrations on a luxurious heavy coated paper. Every page is a brilliant blending of both the artist's eye and the printer's craft. This is a hyper-caffeinated coffee table edition that allows the reader to savor every brushstroke and subtle shade of color, while experiencing the chilling wonder of the other-worldly subject matter. Fall into Bolton's dark realms andlet his visions envelop you with its wonder.

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