Nolo Press: Marketing Without Advertising (Third Edition)

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Michael Phillips / Salli Rasberry, «Marketing Without Advertising (3rd edition)» | ISBN 0873376080 | 3rd edition (April 2001) | PDF | 2,22 Mb | pages

Editorial Reviews

Milton Moskowitz, co-author, 100 Best Companies to Work for in America:
There are good ideas here on every page… the nitty-gritty steps you need to—and can—take to generate sales…

Business Life:
…straightforward advice on how to create a marketing plan that will encourage enthusiastic recommendations about your business from satisfied customers…

Book Description:

The best marketing you can do for your business is to concentrate on creating a high-quality operation that customers, employees and other businesspeople will trust, respect and recommend.

Marketing Without Advertising teaches small business owners practical strategies to:

* attract new customers and build trust * encourage customer recommendations * improve customer service and turn even dissatisfied customers into active supporters of the business * list products and services widely and inexpensively * plan marketing events that will keep customers involved * use the Internet to market services and products

This essential book will help you market your business with common sense, not piles of cents.

About the Authors:

Michael Phillips, an experienced businessman and consultant who helped to develop the Mastercharge interbank credit card, was the coordinator of the Briarpatch, a network of small businesses that espouse common values. He also runs a pioneering small business school called the Noren Institute in San Francisco. Co-author of Marketing Without Advertising, Michael is the author of many other books, including The Seven Laws of Money (with Rasberry, Pocket Classics), Honest Business (with Rasberry, Pocket Classics), The Briarpatch Book (ed. with Rasberry, New Glide), Simple Living Investments (Clear Glass) and Citizen Legislature (with Callenbach, Banyan Tree).

Salli Rasberry has successfully run a dozen small businesses in fields as varied as book fairs, publishing companies, documentary films, business consulting, and writing. An artist and gardener, she is currently vice president of the private nonprofit, the Sonoma Land Trust. Sally is the author of Living Your Life Out Loud: How to Unlock Your Creativity and Unleash Your Joy (with Selwyn, Pocket Books), Running a One-Person Business (with Whitmeyer, Ten Speed Press), The Seven Laws of Money (with Phillips, Pocket Classics), Honest Business (with Phillips, Pocket Classics), The Briarpatch Book (ed. with Phillips, New Glide) and Marketing Without Advertising (with Phillips, Nolo).

The 5th edition was also posted by me a couple of weeks ago: