A Mathematical Orchard: Problems and Solutions

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A Mathematical Orchard: Problems and Solutions

A Mathematical Orchard: Problems and Solutions (MAA Problem Book Series) by Mark I. Krusemeyer and George T. Gilbert
English | 2012 | ISBN: 0883858339 | 400 pages | PDF | 2 MB

This volume is a republication and expansion of the much-loved Wohascum County Problem Book, published in 1993. The original 130 problems have been retained and supplemented by an additional 78 problems. The puzzles contained within, which are accessible but never routine, have been specially selected for their mathematical appeal, and detailed solutions are provided. The reader will encounter puzzles involving calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics, geometry and number theory, and the volume includes an appendix identifying the prerequisite knowledge for each problem. A second appendix organises the problems by subject matter so that readers can focus their attention on particular types of problems if they wish. This collection will provide enjoyment for seasoned problem solvers and for those who wish to hone their skills.