Fundamentals of Photoinduced Electron Transfer (repost)

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Fundamentals of Photoinduced Electron Transfer (repost)

George J. Kavarnos, "Fundamentals of Photoinduced Electron Transfer"
English | 8-1993 | PDF | 359 pages | ISBN: 0895737515 | 13,5 Mb

Basic principles, as well as applications of photoinduced electron transfer, have been included in this volume, which provides an introduction to the field. The photoinduced electron transfer from a donor molecule to an acceptor molecule is the underlying mechanism of biological photosynthesis.

The effect is used, for example, in novel applications including solar energy conversion, artificial photosynthesis, semiconductor technology, organized assemblies and molecualr electronic devices. The book starts out with a discussion of necessary background informationo n photochemistry and electrochemistry. It then sets forth the basic principles underlying the rudimentary process. Further chapters discuss electron transfer chemistry, effects in complex molecules and biological photosynthesis. This book is an introduction to an increasingly important field. It is aimed at all persons who have an interest in the field and who have a general background in chemisty. They should find it a useful reference tool.