The Palladium book of contemporary weapons

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The Palladium book of contemporary weapons

The Palladium book of contemporary weapons By Maryann Donald
Publisher: Palladium Books 1984 | 50 Pages | ISBN: 0916211010 | PDF | 2 MB

First, this Is not, a game system! What Is provided are suggested guides and basic Information required for use of modern weapons in contemporary role-playing games. Second, we do not even pretend to have Included all of the types and variations of firearms In the world. We have tried to include "moat" weapons that are rep­resentative of the major types of small arms available today. Consequently, we have Intentionally limited the firearms In this book to weapons manufactured after 1930 or still commonly used {like the Browing and Colt which were produced around the turn of the century but are still popular today). Third, the statistical data listed Is meant to provide subjective guide-lines for use in role-playing games. They are as accurate as were believe necessary. As those of you who are familiar with our previous weapons books know, we strive to achieve maximum accuracy and authenticity. However, this is especially difficult with firearms, as even the experts disagree about each weapons effectiveness, damage capability, penetration, range, end maintenance. Even lamong Palladium Books researchers, one felt automatic weapons were superior to revolvers, white the other leaned toward revolvers. Each had sound logical reasons, statistics and personal experience to support their arguments. It really broke down to personal preference/opinion. One even disagreed with the effective ranges as listed In Jane's infantry weapons book, which is generally acknowledged as the definitive book on the subject. Fourth, the tissue damage rating and penetration rating are NOT meant to accurately reflect the damage In the real world, but a reasonable translation Into game standards. Fifth, we chose line Illustrations over photographs to provide a maximum amount of detail clearly. Each Illustration has been pain staklngly researched. Sixth, additional weapons including heavy firearms such as anti-tank weapons, grenade launchers/attachments, flame throwers, and others will appear In a future com­panion book. Seventh, this book is in no way intended as a guide for survival 1st or pro-civil arms movements.


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