Dynamics of Structures, Third Edition

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Dynamics of Structures, Third Edition

Ray W. Clough, Ray W. Clough, "Dynamics of Structures, Third Edition"
2003 | pages: 752 | ISBN: 0923907505 | DJVU | 5,8 mb

Since the first edition of this book was published in 1975, major advances have been made in the subject "Dynamics Of Structures." While it would be impossible to give a comprehensive treatment of all such changes in this second edition, those considered to be of most practical significance are included.
The general organization of text material remains unchanged from the first edition. It progresses logically from a treatment of single-degree-of-freedom systems to multi-degree-of-freedom discrete-parameter systems and then on to infinite-degree- of-freedom continuous systems. The concept of force equilibrium, which forms the basis of static analysis of structures, is retained so that the experienced engineer can easily make the transition to performing a dynamic analysis. It is essential therefore that the student of structural dynamics have a solid background in the theories of statics of structures, including matrix methods, and it is assumed that the readers of this text have such preparation.

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