Regia Marina - Italian Battleships of WWII

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Regia Marina - Italian Battleships of WWII

Erminio Bagnasco, Mark Grossman "Regia Marina - Italian Battleships of WWII"
Pictorial Histories Publishing | English | 1986-06 | ISBN: 0933126751 | 74 pages | PDF | 22 MB

References on Italian warships of World War 2 in English are rare and that's a shame, because many of the ships in the Italian navy were attractive, sleek and stylish, in keeping with the traditions of that nation. Some innovations of Italian naval architects include the introduction of the triple gun turret and ships with a higher speed than any other navy.

This book, which is intended as part of a series, is an excellent reference for naval historians and modeler alike. The history of all Italian battleships is covered, ranging from the Cavours to the Littorios (arguably the most attractive battleships around). Most of the photographs have not been seen in equivalent publications outside Italy, since these photos are from private collections. Photo reproduction quality is very good, since most of these negatives are well over fifty years old. Also useful for the modeler are illustrations of the various camouflage patterns worn by the battleships during their service and a set of color chips representing the paints used by the Italian Navy.

A must have for the naval enthusiast. Now when will the book on Italian cruiser be released? I have a bunch of Italian cruiser models in my closet waiting to be built and I sure would like Messers Grossman and Bagnasco to continue this series.

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