Tench - A Handbook of Techniques (2013)

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Tench - A Handbook of Techniques (2013)

Tench - A Handbook of Techniques
2013 | English | ISBN: 0953803872 | True PDF | 178 pages | 106 MB

TENCH have always featured heavily in the magazine for several reasons. They are popular with both the specialist and casual angler. With their small red eye and freshly lacquered appearance they are often viewed as one of the most handsome of our coarse fish species. They fight incredibly well – possibly the male tench being our strongest freshwater fish. They grow to a good size – with a ‘double’ being a capable goal for most anglers in England. And they are widespread throughout the UK, thriving in all manner of waters – from silty estate lakes, to small ponds and massive gravel pits, plus many rivers and canals.

Wherever you fish for tench there will be a chapter in this book that will assist you in achieving your goal of being a successful tench fisherman.