Multiple Streams of Coaching Income (repost)

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Multiple Streams of Coaching Income (repost)

Multiple Streams of Coaching Income by Andrea J. Lee
2005-11-01 | ISBN: 0972894039 | 523 pages | PDF | 6,4 MB

The material in these pages represent the 'way out' for coaches who are currently struggling to make the traditional 1-on-1 coaching model work. Inside, you will find straight talk about the Multiple Streams Product Funnel and over a dozen ways you can make money while creating breakthroughs for clients. All using expertise and experience you already have, in a way that aligns with your unique gifts.

No matter how many 1-on-1 clients you coach, spending life on the phone with appointment after appointment is no way to build a lasting legacy, not to mention your life as a coach! So stop trading your time for money and create Multiple Streams of Coaching Income instead.

There are people in the world who can only hear the message they need most, from you. How long will you keep them waiting?