Enterprise Integration with Ruby by Maik Schmidt

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Enterprise Integration with Ruby  by  Maik Schmidt

Enterprise Integration with Ruby by Maik Schmidt (Author)
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf (April 1, 2006) | ISBN-10: 0976694069 | PDF | 2,6 Mb | 330 pages

Typical enterprises use dozens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of applications, components, services, and databases. Many of them are custom built in-house or by third parties, some are bought, others are based on open source projects, and the origin of a few–usually the most critical ones–is completely unknown.
A lot of applications are very old, some are fairly new, and seemingly no two of them were written using the same tools. They run on heterogeneous operating systems and hardware, use databases and messaging systems from various vendors, and were written in different programming languages.
See how to glue these disparate applications together using popular technologies such as:
— LDAP, Oracle, and MySQL — XML Documents and DTDs — Sockets, HTTP, and REST — XML/RPC, SOAP, and others — …and more.
If you're on the hook to integrate enterprise-class systems together, the tips and techniques in this book will help.

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