A New Way to Buy a Car - 2nd Edition

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A New Way to Buy a Car - 2nd Edition

A New Way to Buy a Car - 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Consumer Awareness Guide for Novice & Experienced Car Shoppers by Wright MBA, Gordon N
English | ISBN: 0994039026 | 116 pages | EPUB | May 1, 2018 | 0.34 Mb

This 2nd Edition of "A New Way to Buy a Car" has been expanded and updated to include new material and trends in the car business that were not on most shoppers' radar when the first edition was published in 2015. That's why we call it The Ultimate Consumer Awareness Guide for Novice & Experienced Car Shoppers.

The industry has been changing and evolving so rapidly in the past few years that an updated guide was definitely needed to keep pace. New technologies have had a big impact on the cars themselves and on the way we now go about shopping for them. Gordon Wright, A Friend in the Car Business, taps into his decade in the car business to bring you all the information and advice you need to turn your car buying experience into an enjoyable activity. And, buying a car should be a great experience for everyone. With this detailed consumer guide, you will Discover Valuable Car Buying Tips & Advice including:

Five Steps to a Hassle-Free Car Purchase
Six Costly Misconceptions About Buying a Car
Four Car Sales Rip-Offs to Avoid
Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting a Dealership
How to Get Maximum Dollars for Your Trade-in
How to Win the Battle with the Business Manager
The Decision to Lease or Buy
Understanding the Car Buying Process
Understanding the New Technologies Facing Car Buyers
GARY GRANT, Wheels.ca journalist & publisher of The Garage Blog.com wrote of 'A New Way to Buy a Car', “I have seen many books over the years claiming to teach consumers how to beat the dirty car sales people at their own game. In most cases they are written by disgruntled ex-sales types who weren’t able to hack it in the industry”. Mr. Grant goes on to explain that “rather than a tabloid-style tell-all, Wright’s book teaches the consumer how to be a better shopper by understanding more about how the dealership environment actually works. 'A New Way to Buy a Car’ is an easy read that removes much of the mystery from the car-buying experience, hopefully enabling its readers to actually enjoy buying a new car. It is a must read for anyone considering that big purchase.”