The Science of Wind Power

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The Science of Wind Power

The Science of Wind Power
by Spellman, Frank R.;

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1032265795 | 419 pages | True PDF EPUB | 80.73 MB

Concern for the environment and for the impacts of environmental pollution has brought about the need to shift from the reliance on hydrocarbons to energy sources that are nearly pollution neutral and renewable. The Science of Wind Power is designed to provide a fundamental understanding for wind technicians and students alike, essentially examining how to harness the wind to produce energy for transmission and use, while keeping environmental impacts in mind. Wind power is one of the fastest-growing energy sources, as it offers many advantages such as being sustainable and a renewable energy source that has a much smaller impact on the global environment compared to fossil fuels. It is important to point out, however, that like wind itself, wind power has a good and bad side, advantages, and disadvantages (challenges), and these different aspects are discussed in detail herein.


Examines the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and electronic aspects of wind turbines
Provides the fundamentals of wind turbine aerodynamics, modeling, and testing
Includes design standards for wind turbines and electrical distribution systems
Delineates the differences between offshore and land-based wind power
Discusses special-purpose applications, such as energy distribution and storage

A must-have volume that includes the latest data, diagrams, and useful illustrations, The Science of Wind Energy offers a complete examination of one of the most promising sources of renewable energy and serves as a great introduction to the cross-disciplinary field for students and practicing engineers. The concepts and guidelines presented will equip readers with the scientific rationale required to make decisions that could directly affect the environment around them.