Personal Finance Management: Money management books

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Personal Finance Management: Money management books

Personal Finance Management: Money management books | The money maker book | Total money makeover | Personal finance for teens | Personal Finance for beginners | personal finance for dummies 2020 | by Dheeraj Dashrath Rathod
English | July 27, 2019 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07FZ8JJ2X | 72 pages | EPUB | 0.43 Mb

Personal Finance Management

We all want to be rich and well settled in our lives. We need money for such a lifestyle and that too coming in steadily. Financial planning is the best way to reach your financial goals and meet future requirements. So what is financial planning? It is the process of mapping out financial objectives, current & future expenses, assets & liabilities to create a rock solid base for your future financial cash-flows. There are financial advisors, financial planners or financial consultants that help you create an in-depth financial plan. A financial plan is a thought-out path taking into consideration various factors such as current and future financial cash-flows & obligations ensuring optimum wealth management.

This Book is going to answer many of your financial question like

  • What are the best financial advice ?
    What are the most important things to know about personal finance?
    How do I learn about personal finance?
    What assets do wealthy people have?
    What are the most important aspect about personal finance that someone without a finance background must know ?

    Wealth provides a legacy that shows that world who you are !!
    The people with high Net Worth have that Net Worth because of the assets they have acquired, not the actual cash in their pocket.
    Live a happy Financial Life!

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