500 Spanish Verbs For Dummies

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500 Spanish Verbs For Dummies

500 Spanish Verbs For Dummies by Cecie Kraynak
English | October 16, 2012 | ISBN: 111802382X | EPUB | 576 pages | 3.7 MB

An easy, fun reference for learning Spanish at home or in school

Verbs in Spanish can be conjugated in six different ways, depending on the speaker and audience. In addition, there are fifteen different tenses in which verbs are used, making a total of 80 different conjugations for each verb. This knowledge can make anyone's head spin — but fear not! Dummies has it covered.

500 Spanish Verbs For Dummies is the ultimate guide to learning and conjugating verbs in the Spanish language. Beginners to the language will find quick reference for verbs in the basic present tenses, and advanced speakers will learn the more complex tenses of verbs as well as memorize advanced verbs with irregular endings.

500 of the most commonly used Spanish verbs are presented alphabetically and numbered for easy reference
An additional index of 1,500+ Spanish verbs with the English translation of the infinitive
Includes a summary of basic Spanish grammar, including verb tenses and moods

Complete with English translations, pronunciation guides, and examples of common verb use in everyday conversation, 500 Spanish Verbs For Dummies is an essential reference tool for any level of Spanish speaker.