Android Game Programming For Dummies

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Android Game Programming For Dummies

Derek James, "Android Game Programming For Dummies"
English | ISBN: 1118027744 | 2013 | PDF, EPUB | 384 pages | 22 + 15 MB

Get your head in the game and start developing engaging Android apps that game gurus will love!

Games challenge our minds, relieve our boredom, bring us closer to family and friends, and are just plain fun. It's no wonder developers are geared up to get going on the next great game. It's easy to join in the fun with For Dummies! A bit of Java knowledge is helpful, but even if you lack that, this book will walk you through creating two Android games and getting them into Google Play. Once you've got the basics down, let your imagination lead the way!
Understand Android — learn about the capabilities of the Android platform and why it's suited for mobile gaming
Plan your game — decide on the game type, the number of players, how and when users might play, and who would be most interested in your app
Get started — set up your development environment and explore the parts of an Android app
Learn variety — follow step-by-step directions to create a two-player card game and an arcade-style game with sound and animation
Market your creations — explore the market for your game, publish it to Google Play, and keep it up to date

Open the book and find:
What you should know about the Android gaming industry
Project planning tips
How to identify the market for your game
The ins and outs of good interface design
The lifecycle of an activity
Advice on screen orientation
How to create simple animations
How to monetize your game and turn a profit

Learn to:
Develop fun and interactive games for Android-based smartphones
Apply fundamental game design principles to create realistic animation
Make use of Android's rich feature set in your games
Publish your game, keep it current, and make some money