Professional SharePoint 2010 Cloud-Based Solutions (repost)

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Professional SharePoint 2010 Cloud-Based Solutions (repost)

Steve Fox, Girish Raja, Paul Stubbs and Donovan Follette, "Professional SharePoint 2010 Cloud-Based Solutions"
2011 | ISBN: 1118076575 | 384 pages | PDF | 25,2 MB

Discover how to extend SharePoint's power with cloud-based services
Melding two of the hottest trends in the industry—the widespread popularity of the SharePoint collaboration platform and the rapid rise of cloud computing—this practical guide shows you how to extend the authors' SharePoint solutions with the cloud's almost limitless capabilities. The book begins with an introduction of what the cloud is and then walks you through your first SharePoint and cloud application. You'll discover smart and exciting ways to extend SharePoint's functionality with the cloud, enabling you to confidently maximize the potential of this powerful online collaborative tool.

Professional SharePoint 2010 Cloud-Based Solutions:

Gets you started using SharePoint 2010 with the cloud

Shows you how to deploy services and resources to Windows Azure to use in SharePoint

Zeroes in on SQL Azure and shows you how to use it for data management and business intelligence

Defines a mashup and shows you how to build a mashup application

Demonstrates ways to secure cloud solutions using claims-based authentication

Walks you through managing customer information in SharePoint Online

Takes you step by step through creating a Twitter® trends report, connecting to LinkedIn®, and leveraging Bing Maps Geo Services in business solutions

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