Service Quality of Cloud-Based Applications

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Service Quality of Cloud-Based Applications

Service Quality of Cloud-Based Applications by Eric Bauer
English | Dec 31, 2013 | ISBN: 1118763297 | 344 Pages | PDF | 9 MB

This book explains why applications running on cloud might not deliver the same service reliability, availability, latency and overall quality to end users as they do when the applications are running on traditional (non-virtualized, non-cloud) configurations, and explains what can be done to mitigate that risk.

From the Back Cover

Learn how to make the most of cloud computing infrastructures

We expect that software applications and services delivered via cloud computing infrastructures will deliver the same level of service quality, reliability, and availability as they do when running on traditional native hardware configurations. Cloud computing infrastructures, however, introduce many potential service impairment risks based on their virtualized computing, memory, storage, and networking resources. As a result, cloud-based application developers must learn to mitigate these impairments to ensure acceptable service delivered to end users.

Service Quality of Cloud-Based Applications methodically analyzes the effect of cloud infrastructure impairments on services delivered to end users as well as the opportunities to improve service afforded by the cloud. The book recommends cloud architectures, policies, and techniques to maximize the ability of providing superior service.

Expertly written and organized, this book is divided into three parts:

Part I: Context sets the foundation with discussion of application service quality, the cloud model, and virtualized infrastructure impairments.
Part II: Analysis methodically considers how application service is affected by infrastructure impairments.
Part III: Recommendations sets forth strategies and techniques to mitigate or eliminate the service quality risks and impairments of both current cloud-based applications and those in development.

An extensive list of references at the end of the book enables readers to explore individual topics in greater depth.

With its expert advice on architecting and engineering cloud-based applications, Service Quality of Cloud-Based Applications makes it possible for application architects, developers, and testers to meet their customers’ and end users’ needs and expectations.

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