The FORCE Companion : Quick Tips and Tricks

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The FORCE Companion : Quick Tips and Tricks

The FORCE Companion : Quick Tips and Tricks
by Michael Mattesi and Swendly Benilia
English | 2019 | ISBN: 1138341746 | 256 Pages | Image PDF | 22 MB

Swendly Benilia shares with us simple and tangible tips and tricks to understanding and drawing FORCE across hundreds of drawings full of dunamism and energy! This book is an expellant companion to the FORCE brand since it delivers hundreds of FORCE drawings with succinct notations, filtered and approved by Mike Mattesi, about how to improve your FORCE drawing skills

Key Features:

- Hundreds of dynamic FORCE drawing that inspire the reader to see and draw FORCE

- Succinct tips and tricks keep it light and educational

- The tips and tricks not only explain how but also why the drawings are successful. This is unique to the FORCE Drawing method

- Each page shares numerous drawing around a FORCE idea with a short paragraph to further clarify the FORCE tip or trick. Explaining to the reader why the drawings work increases their ability of achieving the same level of excellence