Torpedo War, and Submarine Explosions

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Torpedo War, and Submarine Explosions

Torpedo War, and Submarine Explosions by Robert Fulton
English | 5 Sept. 2017 | ISBN: 1296890732, 1333530560 | ASIN: B075FH6PWG | 75 Pages | AZW3 | 3.3 MB

In view of the prominent part played in the present World War by torpedoes and submarines

Fulton's claims for his invention have been fully substantiated and some of his predictions, made more than a century ago, are remarkably interesting, in view of the events of the past five months. His estimate of our population in 1920 has already been exceeded in fact, and only his plan of affixing torpedoes to their prey by means of harpoons seems—for it was made in the days of wooden ships—fantastic, in these days of iron clads. He could not foresee that almost exactly a century would elapse before his invention would be extensively used—though he cautiously says "it is impossible to foresee to what degree torpedoes may be improved and rendered useful."