Multilevel Optimization in VLSICAD (Combinatorial Optimization)(Repost)

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Multilevel Optimization in VLSICAD (Combinatorial Optimization)(Repost)

Multilevel Optimization in VLSICAD (Combinatorial Optimization) by Jingsheng Jason Cong
English | 2003 | ISBN: 1402010818 | 299 Pages | DJVU | 2.43 MB

In the last few decades, multiscale algorithms have become a dominant trend in large-scale scientific computation. Researchers have successfully applied these methods to a wide range of simulation and optimization problems. This book gives a general overview of multiscale algorithms; applications to general combinatorial optimization problems such as graph partitioning and the traveling salesman problem; and VLSICAD applications, including circuit partitioning, placement, and VLSI routing. Additional chapters discuss optimization in reconfigurable computing, convergence in multilevel optimization, and model problems with PDE constraints.

Audience: Written at the graduate level, the book is intended for engineers and mathematical and computational scientists studying large-scale optimization in electronic design automation.