Modern Greece: A History since 1821 (Repost)

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Modern Greece: A History since 1821 (Repost)

John S. Koliopoulos, Thanos M. Veremis, "Modern Greece: A History since 1821"
2009 | pages: 279 | ISBN: 140518681X | PDF | 1,2 mb

Modern Greece: A History since 1821 is a chronological account of the political, economic, social, and cultural history of Greece, from the birth of the Greek state in 1821 to 2008 by two leading authorities.
- Pioneering and wide-ranging study of modern Greece, which incorporates the most recent Greek scholarship

- Sets the history of modern Greece within the context of a broad geo-political framework

- Includes detailed portraits of leading Greek politicians

- Provides in-depth considerations on the profound economic and social changes that have occurred as a result of Greece’s EU membership

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