Women's Writing in Middle English (Repost)

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Women's Writing in Middle English (Repost)

Alexandra Barratt, "Women's Writing in Middle English"
English | 2010 | ISBN: 1408204142 | PDF | pages: 377 | 1.7 mb

Women's writing in any period remains of critical concern, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Alexandra Barratt's edition offers a wide range of texts from the period 1300-1500, including:

- Original texts written by women in the Middle Ages

- Texts translated by women in the Middle Ages

- Prayers, meditations, scriptural comment, and accounts of religious experiences

- Educational writings

- Romance, poetry

Each poem is given a headnote, giving details of composition, manuscript and sources. Full on-page annotation is provided giving details of allusions to contemporary religious, historical and social issues. A general introduction gives context to all the pieces and provides a penetrating account of the role of women in a burgeoning society of literary and cultural transmission.