Busy Family's Guide to Money (Repost)

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Busy Family's Guide to Money (Repost)

Sandra Block, Kathy Chu, John Waggoner, "Busy Family's Guide to Money"
2008 | pages: 305 | ISBN: 1413308368 | PDF | 10,5 mb

Simple steps to take control of your family's finances.
Most of us are so busy living our day-to-day lives we don’t always have time to think through important financial decisions.

Written by top USA TODAY personal finance columnists Sandra Block and John Waggoner and reporter Kathy Chu, The Busy Family’s Guide to Money cuts to the chase with real, practical financial solutions - fast. Learn how to rework the family budget or shop around for the best college savings account and get a handle on the most pressing financial issues your family faces.

The book covers concise, sensible information on how to:

discuss money with a spouse create a budget the family can stick to get the best mortgage take control of debt teach kids about money management get the most out of healthcare plan for college and retirement simplify investments and avoid mistakes
You'll also find out how to claim kids as tax breaks, deal with major one-time expenses, save for retirement and protect your loved ones with basic legal documents.

Filled with helpful charts, checklists and resources, The Busy Family's Guide to Money makes managing finances a snap!

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