Historic Bridges: Evaluation, Preservation, and Management (Repost)

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Historic Bridges: Evaluation, Preservation, and Management (Repost)

Hojjat Adeli, "Historic Bridges: Evaluation, Preservation, and Management"
English | 2008 | ISBN: 1420079956 | PDF | pages: 302 | 14.0 mb

Explore Historic Bridge Design through the Perspective of Modern Engineering
Historic Bridges:Evaluation, Preservation, and Management provides both an admiring and a technical account of bridge engineering through an exploration of several remarkable examples. From ancient China to modern-day Minnesota, the book discusses the history and structural evaluation of bridges, as well as their preservation, and restoration. With chapters written by renowned engineers, this unique resource ―
- Compares the techniques and materials used in building three railroad bridges that traversed the Mississippi at the same site in 1865, 1887, and 1910

- Investigates a legendary stone-arch bridge constructed in Ancient China in 606 A.D.

- Demonstrates how historians and engineers in Milwaukee found an approach to new bridge design that balances modern design standards with aesthetic interpretation

- Details a collaborative team approach to historic bridge management in Minnesota

- Considers the design and repair process of rapidly disappearing wrought iron bridges

- Discusses preservation of stone masonry aqueducts on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

An educational treatise for engineers and historical preservationists, this work includes a wealth of illustrations and scientific tables. Demonstrating historic engineering significance beyond their utilitarian function, the bridges encountered in these pages are true landmarks, as worthy of emulation as they are preservation.