Building Windows 8 Apps from the Ground Up (Repost)

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Building Windows 8 Apps from the Ground Up (Repost)

Building Windows 8 Apps from the Ground Up By Emanuele Garofalo, Antonio Liccardi, Michele Aponte
2013 | 388 Pages | ISBN: 1430247010 | PDF | 21 MB

Building Windows 8 Apps from the Ground Up is the perfect introduction for anyone wanting to create sophisticated Windows 8 apps for the first time. Assuming only a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (that will be refreshed as we go along) we'll walk you through the full development process from familiarizing you with the tools you'll use to planning your app, wiring up your database and making the most of Windows 8's stunning new features. When we're done you'll have a fully-working stand-alone app, built on a simple, re-useable architecture that's powerful, flexible and easy to understand. * How to plan out your app and its user-experience * The pros and cons of the different development languages available to you * To build well-structured apps that can be easily customized and reused * Manage data stores and cloud storage * Why accessibility and globalization matter, even to the smallest of apps * Use Windows 8's features to interact with the world around you This book is ideal for anyone with a little programming knowledge (basic HTML and CSS is all you'll need) who want to start creating Windows 8 apps. This book will walk you through everything you need to know in a results-oriented way and ensure your first Windows 8 apps built on firm foundations that you can be proud of.