Shared Obliviousness in Family Systems(Repost)

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Shared Obliviousness in Family Systems(Repost)

Shared Obliviousness in Family Systems by Paul C Rosenblatt
English | 2009 | ISBN: 143842731X | 181 Pages | PDF | 1.22 MB

The modern family is inundated with information and no family can attend to it all; families must set priorities and remain oblivious to much. Obliviousness is the intriguing subject of Paul C. Rosenblatt s speculative and theoretical work. The hidden undersides of what families are aware of, know, and talk about are vast and complex, maintained at times with great effort, linked to important matters in the family and in society, necessary for family functioning but also, at times, a source of great difficulty. How are areas of obliviousness built up and maintained? How does a family overcome obliviousness that creates difficulty? Drawing on work in family systems, family therapy, whiteness and privilege, and social construction, among other research, this book is enlightening for all who work with, study, and care about the family."