Overlay Networks: Toward Information Networking (repost)

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Overlay Networks: Toward Information Networking (repost)

Overlay Networks: Toward Information Networking By Sasu Tarkoma
1 edition | February 9, 2010 | ISBN-10: 143981371X | 260 pages | PDF | 4 Mb

With their ability to solve problems in massive information distribution and processing, while keeping scaling costs low, overlay systems represent a rapidly growing area of R&D with important implications for the evolution of Internet architecture.

Inspired by the author’s articles on content based routing, Overlay Networks: Toward Information Networking provides a complete introduction to overlay networks. Examining what they are and what kind of structures they require, the text covers the key structures, protocols, and algorithms used in overlay networks. It reviews the current state of the art in applications, decentralized overlays, security, information routing, and information forwarding. The book provides readers with an overview of networking technologies, the TCP/IP protocol suite, and networking basics. It also examines:

The foundations of structured overlays
Unstructured P2P overlay networks
Graph-based algorithms for information dissemination and probabilistic algorithms
Content-centric routing and a number of protocols and algorithms
Security challenges of P2P and overlay technologies—providing solutions for mitigating risks

Written by a scientist who is a university professor and a senior member of the Nokia research staff, this forward-looking reference covers advanced issues concerning performance and scalability. It highlights recent developments and discusses specific algorithms, including BitTorrent, Coolstream, BitOs, Chord, Content Addressable Network, Content Delivery Networks, Overlay multicast, and Peer-to-Peer SIP. Complete with a number of frequently-used probabilistic techniques and projections for future trends, this authoritative resource provides the tools and understanding needed to