The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory (repost)

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The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory (repost)

The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory by Greig Crysler, Stephen Cairns and Hilde Heynen
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1446282635 , 1412946131 | 776 pages | PDF | 14,8 MB

The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory documents and builds upon some of the most innovative developments in architectural theory over the last two decades. Bringing into dialogue a range of geographically, institutionally and historically competing positions, the book examines and explores parallel debates in related fields.

The book is divided into eight sections:
• Power/Difference/Embodiment
• Aesthetics/Pleasure/Excess
• Nation/Spectacle/Modernity
• History/Memory/Tradition
• Design/Practice/Production
• Technology/Science/Virtuality
• Nature/Landscape/Sustainability
• City/Metropolis/Territory
Creating openings for future lines of inquiry and establishing the basis for new directions for education, research and practice, the book organizes itself around specific case studies to provide a critical, interpretive and speculative enquiry into the relevant debates in architectural theory. A methodical, authoritative and comprehensive addition to the literature, the Handbook is suitable for academics, researchers and practitioners in architecture, urban geography, cultural studies, sociology and geography.