Code Generation with Roslyn [Repost]

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Code Generation with Roslyn [Repost]

Code Generation with Roslyn by Nick Harrison
English | 6 Mar. 2017 | ISBN: 1484222105 | 124 Pages | EPUB (True) | 577.31 KB

Learn how Roslyn's new code generation capability will let you write software that is more concise, runs faster, and is easier to maintain. You will learn from real-world business applications to create better software by letting the computer write its own code based on your business logic already defined in lookup tables.
Code Generation with Rosyln is the first book to cover this new capability. You will learn how these techniques can be used to simplify systems integration so that if one system already defines business logic through lookup tables, you can integrate a new system and share business logic by allowing the new system to write its own business logic based on already existing table-based business logic.