Sensory Evaluation in Quality Control

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Sensory Evaluation in Quality Control

Alejandra M. Munoz, "Sensory Evaluation in Quality Control"
1992 | pages: 254 | ISBN: 1489926550 | PDF | 6,9 mb

This book addresses an important, but so far neglected, topic: the application of sensory evaluation to quality control. Although several articles have been pub­ lished that have discussed concepts of quality control/sensory evaluation (QC/sen­ sory) programs, Sensory Evaluation in Quality Control is the first publication that addresses this topic in a comprehensive and practical way. This book is com­ prehensive, in that it presents the sensory and statistical information that is needed to design and implement several types of QCfsensory programs at the plant level. The book is practical, in that it provides a step-by-step description of the complete process to implement such programs, and it illustrates this process through real examples encountered by various consumer products companies (e. g. , foods, personal care products, paper products). With this practical information, sensory and quality professionals can design and implement sound QC/sensory programs at the plant level. This book was developed to provide the sensory and quality professional with an overview and guide to apply, in a production facility, the unique techniques that are used to measure sensory responses. Therefore, the book is intended for QC and/or R&D personnel (e. g. , sensory managers and analysts, and quality profes­ sionals) in charge of implementing an in-plant program, as well as for the plant management and plant technical personnel (sensory coordinator and quality pro­ fessionals) who are ultimately responsible for the routine operation of the estab­ lished program.

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