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EUV Lithography, 2nd edition

Posted By: roxul
EUV Lithography, 2nd edition

Vivek Bakshi, "EUV Lithography, 2nd edition"
English | ISBN: 1510616780 | 2018 | 758 pages | PDF | 150 MB

Extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) is the principal lithography technology-beyond the current 193-nm-based optical lithography-aiming to manufacture computer chips, and recent progress has been made on several fronts: EUV light sources, scanners, optics, contamination control, masks and mask handling, and resists. This book covers the fundamental and latest status of all aspects of EUVL used in the field. Since 2008, when SPIE Press published the first edition of EUVL Lithography, much progress has taken place in the development of EUVL as the choice technology for next-generation lithography. In 2008, EUVL was a prime contender to replace 193-nm-based optical lithography in leading-edge computer chip making, but not everyone was convinced at that point. Switching from 193-nm to 13.5-nm wavelengths was a much bigger jump than the industry had attempted before. It brought several difficult challenges in all areas of lithography-light source, scanner, mask, mask handling, optics, optics metrology, resist, computation, materials, and optics contamination. These challenges have been effectively resolved, and several leading-edge chipmakers have announced dates, starting in 2018, for inserting EUVL into high-volume manufacturing. This comprehensive volume comprises contributions from the world's leading EUVL researchers and provides the critical information needed by practitioners and those wanting an introduction to the field. Interest in EUVL technology continues to increase, and this volume provides the foundation required for understanding and applying this exciting technology. This book is intended for people involved in one or more aspects of EUVL, as well as for students, who will find this text equally valuable.