A Sword in the Darkness

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A Sword in the Darkness

A Sword in the Darkness by Jeffrey A. Romero
English | 17 Aug. 2017 | ISBN: 1512786535, 1512786519 | ASIN: B074XBSNL6 | 562 Pages | AZW3 | 653.54 KB

Tegan Braden, wounded during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Discharged because the army considered his injuries too serious for Tegan to ever be able to handle a high performance fighter. Tegan finds a way to fly in the war with the Royal Canadian Air Force in North Africa, performing well enough to be brought back into the United States Army Air Force. Tegan finds himself assigned to a fighter group with a self-serving chain of command. Tegan struggles to maintain his integrity under corrupt authority relying on the truth and his faith as a Christian. Trusting in God, Tegan finds himself able to fulfill his commitment to fight for his country and more.

Fritz Wallerstadt, forced to fly for the Luftwaffe after the imprisonment of his father for violation of the Nazis’ anti-subversion law. Fritz is determined to survive the war he does not want to be a part of in order to search for his father. Every day he flies his plane into the teeth of overwhelming allied fighters trying to survive and stay away from being a Gestapo target while maintaining his faith as a Christian.

These two “opponent” will collide over the skies of Germany.