Regulation of Bacterial Virulence (repost)

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Regulation of Bacterial Virulence (repost)

Regulation of Bacterial Virulence by Michael L. Vasil and Andrew J. Darwin
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1555816762 | 620 pages | PDF | 62,3 MB

A comprehensive compendium of scholarly contributions relating to bacterial virulence gene regulation.

Provides insights into global control and the switch between distinct infectious states (e.g., acute vs. chronic).
Considers key issues about the mechanisms of gene regulation relating to: surface factors, exported toxins and export mechanisms.
Reflects on how the regulation of intracellular lifestyles and the response to stress can ultimately have an impact on the outcome of an infection.
Highlights and examines some emerging regulatory mechanisms of special significance.
Serves as an ideal compendium of valuable topics for students, researchers and faculty with interests in how the mechanisms of gene regulation ultimately affect the outcome of an array of bacterial infectious diseases.

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