Classic Hand Tools

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Classic Hand Tools

Garrett Hack, "Classic Hand Tools"
English | 1999 | PDF | ISBN: 1561582735 | 224 pages | 55 MB

Classic Hand Tools reveals the rich variety and history of hand tools through engaging prose and vivid color photographs.
Before the machine age, all woodworking and carpentry was done with hand tools, and an amazing variety of tools evolved for a wide range of tasks. Even today, with machinery available for many woodworking operations, some tasks are more easily and efficiently accomplished with hand tools. Many of these tools are as elegant as they are ingenious, and Classic Hand Tools celebrates their great heritage in word and picture.

Both a beautiful and practical book, Classic Hand Tools reveals the rich variety and history of hand tools through vivid color photos while providing in-depth information on how to integrate their use into modern woodworking. In this book, anyone who works with wood will discover how to use these tools, how to choose the right ones for the job, and how to tune them properly. Along the way, the reader will discover the benefits of hand tool use - less dust and dirt, more quiet, and, surprisingly, more efficiency.

The color photos by photographer John Sheldon detail both the practical and aesthetic aspects of these highly useful artifacts from the past. The beauty of these tools will inspire any woodworker to take a second look at handplanes and handsaws. Also covered are hammers and chisels in their many incarnations, drills, devices to hold wood, including clamps and vises, and marking and measuring tools.